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Pench National Park – Everything You Should Know


Pench National Park is located in two districts of Madhya Pradesh – Seoni and Chhindwara. The name of this park was kept River Pench which passes through the forests. The park received its status as a national park in 1975 and was established as a tiger reserve in 1992 with an area of 257.26km2.

The famous “Jungle Book” written by renowned author Rudyard Kipling is based on Pench National Park. As the story becomes worldwide famous the place becomes a prominent attractions for tourists both from India and foreign. After the launch of this book, the character become the main attraction of park such as Akela (Indian Wolf), Baloo (Sloth Bear), Raksha (Female wolf), and the protagonist character Shere Khan (Royal Bengal Tiger).


The forest-covered area is of mixed deciduous forest with species like haldu, saja, salai, amla, and bijiayasal. The herbs and shrubs make a beautiful way for a jungle safari and give a good experience for a visitor.

The prominent trees in parks are Mahua Tree, Palash Tree, Teak Tree, and Neem Tree.


The park is home to many creatures and animals. As we know the park is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and wild dogs. In the park, there are many different types of species, reptiles, and birds.

Gates & Zones of Pench National Park

It is most important to choose the right gate and right zone before going to a national park as it may affect your lifetime experience. Most people make mistakes by booking any gate and any safari ride; it may decrease your chances of sighting a tiger.

In park, there are total 6 number of gates with 7 different zones. The 3 gates are located in the core zone of the park which is the Turia gate, Karmajheri gate, and Jamtara gate pench and the rest 3 gates are in buffer zone. As the park is located on the border of Maharashtra, the two gates are located on the Maharashtra sides which are Sillari and Khursapar. The seven zones in the park are Turia, Jamtara, Karmajhiri, Rukhad, Wolf Sanctuary, Sillari and khursapar.

Which is the best gate in Pench National Park?

Turia gate is the overall best gate in the national park. The gate is located in the southern part of forest and has a maximum number of resorts. The Turia gate has the best chances of sighting a tiger.

Sillari gate is the best gate at the Maharashtra border. The gate is around 40 km away from Turia gate. The Totlah Doh Dam can viewed from this gate, which is built on the Pench River.

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Jungle Safari

The best part about visiting a national park is Jungle Safari. The experience of viewing nature and different creatures in front of us can be get while doing Jungle Safari. Those whose profession is wildlife photography can capture scenic view of forests and capture the life of animals, for them jungle is going to be the best experience.

In Pench National Park the Safari is opened from 1st October to 30th June and closed during monsoon season.

Safari Booking: https://forest.mponline.gov.in

Jungle Safari at Pench National Park

Other Activities in Pench National Park

1. Runi Jhuni Walking Trail

After the exciting ride on the Safari, its time for the tourists to explore the National Park by walking, enjoying the nature and beauty of the forest more closely and understanding the flora and fauna of the forest.

Runi Jhuni Walking Trail starts from Karmajhiri gate, about 3-4 km long trail.

2. Rukhad Cycling Excursion


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