Tourist indian landmark - view of Royal cenotaphs of Orchha over Betwa river. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India


Orchha is a town situated on the banks of River Betwa. The town was established in the 16th century by ruler Rudra Pratap Singh.
Orchha is famous for its historic forts, temples, and being surrounded by battlefield walls.

Orchha Fort

The Orchha Fort was built during the 16th century by Raja Rudra Pratap Singh. The architecture of the fort is a mixture of the art of Bundela and Mughal. The fort comprises of palaces, temples, mahals, and Phool Bagh.

In the fort, there are mainly three palaces – Raja Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, and Raj Praveen Mahal.

Orchha Fort

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Orchha Temple

The Orchha Ram Mandir is famous all over India because here Ram is worshiped in the form of Raja. It is the only temple in India where the Ram is worshiped as King.

The Specialty of Orchha temple is that there is a belief in people, that if they saw the left foot thumb of Lord Rama, all wishes get fulfilled, but it’s not that easy either, to see the left foot thumb one should see Lord Rama’s right hand as his left leg is folded.

History Behind Orchha Temple

An incident when the queen and king of Orchha decided to go on pilgrimage, but they argued about whether to go to Vrindavan or Ayodhaya. In the argument, the king told all the qualities of Krishna and gave a challenge to his wife to go to Ayodhaya and bring back Lord Rama to his child form. The Queen accepted the challenge of the king and said whether she would come back with Lord Rama or drown in the Saryu River. Before leaving for Ayodhaya, the queen had instructed to build a temple adjoining the palace.

The queen arrived in Ayodhaya to complete the challenge and started her prayer on the bank of the Saryu river. The queen had been living just by eating fruits, and as months passed she lived on leaves only. As months passed in Ayodhaya and there was no outcome of prayer of the Queen, so she decided to drown in the river. As she jumped into the river, a miracle happened she found herself on the bank with Lord Rama in child form.

The official website of Orchha Temple is click here

Orchha Ram Mandir


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