Hill staions near Bhopal

Most tourists loved to see nature and mountains more closely and wanted to get the vibe of the weather in hill stations. So, presenting top 6 hill stations near Bhopal

6 Hill Stations Near Bhopal

  1. Pachmarhi Hill
  2. Omkareshwar Hill
  3. Amarkantak Hill
  4. Mandu Hill
  5. Tamiya Hill
  6. Shivpuri Hill

Pachmarhi Hill

Pachmarhi is the most famous hill stations near Bhopal Madhya Pradesh which is nearly 210 km. The hill station is known as the “Queen of Satpuras” because it is located on the Satpura range at a height of 1067 metres.

Pachmarhi is the perfect tourist destination for environmental enthusiasts, with numerous waterfalls, caves, a national park, and religious caves.

The psychology behind the name of Pachmarhi is something fascinating. It is believed that the caves were made by Five Pandavas.

Major attractions in Pachmarhi are Bee falls, Pandava Caves, Handi khoh, Dhoopgarh, Satpura National Park, and Jata Shankar Caves.

Pachmarhi hill stations near bhopal
Pachmarhi hill stations near Bhopal

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Amarkantak Hill

Amarkantak Hill is situated in the Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh. The hill of Amarkantak is well known for its topographical and religious significance. With respect to religious significance, Amarkantak is known as teerthraj – the King of Pilgrimage. Amarkantak is a topographical region that is covered by forest and greenery, with a wide variety of trees and plants that have medicinal uses.

Amarkantak Hill is located at a height of 1048 meters. It is where the Satpura and Vindhya Ranges merge, with the Maikal hill standing out among them. The town is the origin of the holy river Narmada with two other rivers, Son and Johila.

To see the origin of the river Narmada, one should visit “Mai ki Bagiya,” also known as “Mother’s Garden.” The Mai ki Bagiya is a collection of different fruit trees, namely mango, banana, and other fruit trees. The temple located in Bagiya is the exact point of origin of the river Narmada.

Other points of attraction of the hill are Kapil Dhara, Dugdh Dhara, Narmada Udgam, Sarvodaya Jain Temple, and Shri Yantra Mandir.

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Tamia Hill

Despite being only 80 Kilometers from Pachmarhi and just a 280 km hill stations near Bhopal, Tamia Hill is much less populated than Pachmarhi. Tamia Hills and Patalkot are the best places for someone who wants to visit undiscovered gems and simply enjoy the dense forest, walks in nature and silence. The place will provide a picturesque and memorable experience for people who to escape fro busy cities, and want to breathe in fresh air.

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Shivpuri Hill

Shivpuri is the most popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. Shivpuri is called the “Mini Shimla of Madhya Pradesh”, which is present at a height of 478 meters above sea level.

There are several tourist attractions in Shivpuri that introduce you to both nature and history. The major tourist destinations are Madhav National Park, Madhav Rao Scindia Palace, waterfalls, Karera Bird Sanctuary, and Madi Kheda Dam.

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Mandu Hill

Another hill stations near Bhopal is Mandu, which is 280 km away. The enthralling beautyof Mandu gives you inner peace and freshens up your mind from the busy work life. The only hill stations near Bhopal which is also a fort city in Madhya Pradesh.

The main tourist attraction in Mandu is the Mahal floating between the two lakes in the shape of Jahaz, known as the Jahaz Mahal. The lakes and Mahal tell you different stories of history.

Rani Roopmati Pavilion, Jami Masjid, Hindola Mahal, Munja Talao, Baz Bahadur’s Palace, and Bagh Caves are a few additional Mandu attractions for tourists.

Mandu Hill station near Bhopal
Jahaz Mahal Mandu

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On the way back from these hill stations near Bhopal you will surely be mesmerized by the incredible beauty of Madhya Pradesh.


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