Bhopal capital of Madhya Pradesh and is prime city of our country. Bhopal is known as city of lakes and is one of the best place for tourism in MP.

Best Places to Visit in Bhopal are:-

  1. Upper Lake
  2. Van Vihar National Park
  3. Moti Masjid
  4. Shaukat Mahal
  5. Lower Lake

Upper Lake

The Upper Lake in Bhopal, known as Bhojtal or Bada Talab, was built by Raja Bhoj of the Parnama dynasty in the 11th century. Upper Lake is the oldest man-made lake in India and is Asia’s largest artificial lake. Upper lake become the prime spot and best places to visit in bhopal as it attracts the tourist towards the beauty of the lake.

Bhopal is Famous for having numerous number of lake and Upper lake is significant in all of them. Upper Lake is the main source of drinking water for resistant of Bhopal.

To the south of the Lake, Van Vihar National Park is located and the lake is looked at by Kamla Park which becomes a major attraction for tourists. On lake, Takia Island is situated which has a grave of Hazrat Shah Ali Rahmatullah Aliah a Sufi saint. To Visit island boating facility is available specially Cruise.

On the east side of the lake, a boating club is situated which offers boating, rafting, kayaking, canoeing etc to visitors. In boating mainly three types of Ships or boats are available – Cruises, Motor boats, and Paddle boats.

Van Vihar National Park

The Van Vihar National Park is a must-see tourist place for visitors in Bhopal. The park is located on the bank of Upper Lake and gives the best view of the lake. It is the smallest national park in Madhya Pradesh. The Park is famous for having White Tiger and Indian Python. The tourist who love to watch nature, animals, and scenic scenes of the forest make this spot the best places to visit in Bhopal.

The main thing in every national park is the animal present there. In Van Vihar National Park, the carnivorous animal you may see are bear, lion, white tiger, fox and leopard. The park has various varieties of birds. The next attraction is Indian Python present in separate snake park for snakes.

The best time to Visit the park is during the sunset as it gives the scenic view of Upper lake from national park.

Official site of National Park click here

Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid a landmark in Bhopal is identical to Jama Masjid in Delhi. The masjid is another sign in Bhopal which shows the rule of Begum and which makes it best places to visit in Bhopal. The history of this landmark is important for both Bhopal as well Muslim Women of India. The landmark is built by Sikander Begum in 1860. She is well known for her courage and bravery and used to dress like a man.

The Masjid is famous for its architectural designs and extensive significance. The structure of the Masjid is such that the front side is of white marble which is supported by two red towers with golden spikes over them.

Moti Masjid Bhoapl : Best places to visit in bhopal

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Shaukat Mahal Bhopal

Shaukat Mahal is another historical landmark in Bhopal that reflects Bhopal’s Islamic architecture. The architecture used in this landmark is a combination of western and Indian architecture. Shaukat Mahal is a sign of the rule of Begum in Bhopal and becomes the best places to visit in Bhopal for tourists.

The Mahal was built for the purpose to gift the Sikander Begum the first female ruler of Bhopal at her wedding in 1830. The mahal is located at the Centre of the city, at the entrance of the chowk area in Bhopal.

The Mahal is opened from morning 7 AM till evening 6 PM and entry is free for all visitors.

Shaukat Mahal - Best place to visit in Bhopal

Lower Lake

Lower lake is also known as Chota Talab built by Chote Khan in 1794. The lower lake is situated on the east of Upper Lake and both the lakes are divided by over bridge called Pul Pukhta , and both the lakes collectively famous by the name Bhoj Wetland.

Lower Lake - best places to visit in bhopal
Arch Bridge Located at Lower Lake

What is famous in Bhopal?

Bhopal is the attraction of tourists due to its natural beauty and the hand-made lakes. Bhopal is mainly famous for its history, and monuments – Shaukat Mahal (Sikander Begum), Upper lake (first artificial lake), Moti Masjid (Glimpse of Jama Masjid).


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